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- Silver Jewelry
- Ceramics
- Lamps
- Glasses
- Candle Holder
Dining Table Photo Frame with Clove Painted Drum Bamboo Double Special Carving Kneel Figures Turtle Batik Doll

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-Onix Horse -Sushi Plate Full Bamboo Laminate -Painted Drum Bamboo Carving -Geraft Batik Doll
-Corner Rack -Round Box Cinnamon Inlay -Antique Bamboo Drum -Chili Plate
-Drink Table -Meditation Garden -Dewi Sri -Place for Mosquito Repellant
-Marmer Horse -Drum Bamboo Carving -Waluh Motif Wayang  
-Rice Plate Cinnamon Inlay -Rain Stick Carving -Rama Sinta Wayang Puppet  
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