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- Silver Jewelry
- Ceramics
- Lamps
- Glasses
- Candle Holder
Gerobak Antique SONO-Mother Pearl Chopstick Botol Jepun Tray Yunan Lantern

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-Animal Hanger -Glasses Holder -Black Terracotta Container -Donal Bamboo Jug
-Pakis Cabinet Handle -Painted Ceramic Bowl r.70cm -Woven Leather Container -Serving Tray with Stand
-Galeri Spiral Ketupat -Relief Ceramic Urn Wine Glass Small -Waterhyacinth Paper Box with Lid -Durian Lamp
-Galeri Sri Garuda Klonongan -Relief Ceramic Urn Wine Glass Medium -Mother Pearl Shell Napkin Ring
-Galeri Dewi Sri Warna -Relief Ceramic Urn Wine Glass Large -Chinoise Bamboo Standing Tray  
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